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Altair Home Inspections also offers additional services upon request, including:



Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after smoking. Radon is an odorless, invisible, hazardous gas that is present in virtually all areas and can be present in the air of your home. Breathing radon gas can significantly increase the risk of contracting lung disease and cancer. Altair Home Inspections provides a simple testing service to determine the level of radon gas in your home. The U.S. EPA recommends testing of all homes below the second floor for radon. Altair Home Inspections will perform a radon test for an additional fee.

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Altair Home Inspections performs water tests for coliform, E.coli bacteria, lead, nitrates and nitrites for an additional fee. Special equipment is used to sample water from the closest point of entry such as a kitchen or bathroom faucet. Different tests require different sampling techniques and specific protocols. If you have a private water supply (well or spring) these tests will give you peace of mind that your water supply is not contaminated. Public water supplies are usually tested and monitored by the supplying utility, but you may want to contact them for more information if you have any doubts about your potable water supply.


NY wood destroying insects include carpenter bees, carpenter ants, borer beetles and termites. As part of our inspection services, we will carefully inspect all visible areas to determine if there is evidence of any of these dangerous pests. We will document any evidence, including frass (sawdust like excreta), live or dead insects and termite shelter tubes. We will arrange a professional wood destroying insect evaluation for an additional fee if evidence is found. If no visible evidence is found it may be worthwhile to have a professional WDI inspection anyway to be sure. In addition, some lenders are now requiring a WDI inspection.

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